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What are the Symptoms of Scar Tissue

When dealing with the word heal in this article we will think of that word in relation to scar tissue is loaded up on the location of a traumatic injury. The scar tissue known as fibrosis usually decreases the natural movement of the injured area and gives a atethereda effect. A few other common joints that can be affected by fibrosis include the knee, hip, elbow, wrist, and ankle or should joints. When your tailbone is injured flexibility is decrease or restricted by the formation on fibrosis. Your natural shock absorbing function is compromised. In effect, the spring's movement is shortened. This is being shown clinically to cause a variety of symptoms.
The authors of the study where I found this information found that in approximately 90% of the examinations the restriction caused by fibrosis reduced back motion by up to twenty inches or sixty degrees. Once the patient's restricted motion was restored they could almost immediately and freely touch the floor. The patient reported a dramatic decrease in the nerve and muscle tension in most cases. The age, gender and physical condition of the patient determined the immediacy of the amount of relief that was received.
When a nerve root is compressed by scar tissue it results in distortion of the nerve with impaired nerve physiology. The pain that is felt by this depends on the severity of the compression. Varying from mild to extreme in its severity, this pain can be either chronic or intermittent. Many people will have only mild to intermittent amounts of pain that will not greatly limit their life-style or activity level. If the level of pain that a person is at an intermediate level and is intermittent, as long as the activities are limited a moderate level is attainable. Many activities that will be limited will be tasks such as housecleaning, lifting, riding in cars, walking, or sitting. Some of these people may need to take pain medications as needed to help control the pain. There is an unfortunate group of people that will feel this pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. For these people there are no holidays to turn the pain off. Their activities are severely limited and take multiple types of medication to obtain any relief from the pain that they can. In this situation most activities, such as sitting, lifting, standing, and walking will be limited to ten or fifteen minutes. These patients may become sleep deprived and exhausted as the pain may prevent any ordinary night of sleep.
In cases where there is a slow increase in symptoms such as numbness, low back pain that radiates into the legs, loss of coordination and further restrictions on movement, it is often caused by the progressive development of epidural scar tissue. In the cervical area similar symptoms may occur with pain extending down an arm affecting weakness of hand grip and numbness of the hand that leads to dropping of objects.
Slowly developing neurological deficits and permanent nerve damage can be produced to a varying degree with continued pressure on a nerve. Muscle atrophy involving the thigh or calf muscles may occur. Weakness of the ankle and foot muscles may appear with dragging of the leg or foot that may progress to a "foot drop" --- where a paralysis of the foot results in the inability to raise the foot upwards and to raise the big toe.

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/diseases-and-conditions-articles/what-are-the-symptoms-of-scar-tissue-251244.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    c-section scar tissue and interstitial cystitis?
    I have interstitial cystitis (IC) and it has been flaring up really bad lately. I went to my doctor yesterday and told her I am also having pains in my lower abdomen and back on my right side. I figured this was related to my IC, but she said she thinks what I am feeling is scar tissue as a result of having 2 c-sections. Has anyone dealt with this before? If so, do you know if that could cause my IC symptoms to flare as well? Also, it seems wierd to me that these pains would appear now, as my first c-section was 6 years ago and my last was 2 years ago. Please help and let me know if you know anything that can help, both with the IC and the pains. My doctor said the only thing to do for the scar tissue would be another surgery which would make it worse. p.s. my doctor tested my urine and said it was crystal clear and also did cultures to rule out vaginal infections.

    • ANSWER:
      The IC is basically clogged skin pours. Try keeping the area cleaner and dryer.

      The abdominal pain could be a number of things. I wouldn't ignore it until I was sure there wasn't anything bad that cold be causing the pain. Did she check for ovarian cysts or endometriosis. You may also want to see a Family Practice doctor as they will look for things a GYN may not look for.

    I delivered my first daughter via C-Section. Now pregnant with second--experiencing strange pains and such???
    I have had weird pains and pressure. My OB/GYN said that it was probably due to scar tissue from my previous C-Section. I'm only 12 weeks and I feel like I'm already off to a bad start. Anyone else have complications with Baby #2 after C-Sections? Or did you experience weird symptoms? My OB didn't give me a lot of information--she left me feeling frustrated with uncertainty.

    • ANSWER:
      yes, when pregnant with #2 after a previous c-section, I cramped A LOT!!! It felt like someone kept stabbing knives in my belly and I thought, how in the world is this safe for my baby??? BUT, the doctor also said the same things and also reminded me that my uterus was stretching. He told me as long as there was no bleeding associated with the cramps, I would be fine. And I was! She was born very active and healthy and boy does she give me and my older ones a run for our money! Here are some things I did to relieve my cramps. I hope they help!
      ~Take a nice warm bath
      ~curl up on your side with a body pillow and watch TV or read a book
      ~ do some light stretching just to help un-tense the muscles in your body.

      Congrats on the baby!

    I'm going crazy wondering!!!!!?
    I'm almost thirty, I have two children; my youngest being seven and I had a tubal ligation five years ago. I swear you could set a clock by my MP. I have some problems w/ my RP system already... uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and prob. some others by now? A lot of moms know what I mean when I say you can just "feel pregnant"! Well for the first time in a while... I do. I can't shake the feeling and I'm getting lots of the symptoms. I've taken the test twice knowing it's two early. I think this past month when I got what I thought was my MP, it was actually implantaion bleeding, it def. wasn't blood! My lower abdomen (uterus, I know exactly where it is due to a c-section and scar tissue) is a little larger than normal but I know that can't be the reason, it's too early? I'm afraid of an ectopic preg. plus I think I really need someone to telll me I'm not crazy or just give me some advice? Anything would help, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Honey I'm going through the same thing. Your not crazy. I am almost 28, have 2 kids a 6 yr old and 9 yr old. I have all the symptoms and too have taken the test. The truth is that sometimes you want it so badly that you will look for any symptom to be pregnancy related, they are very simular to period symptoms. I have been TTC for over 3 years and I know how hard it is. I wish you all the best and I hope you are pregnant. Good luck

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