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C Section Scar - 4 Tips To Minimize Your C Section Scar

Having a c section is no fun by anyone's standards particularly when you realize that not only do you have the frightful thought of undergoing surgery, but you also have that whole 6 week recovery thing and to really top it off, you get to have a sodding great tattoo on your belly to remind you of the experience for the rest of your life.

As gentle as the surgeons of today may try and be, there is no getting around the fact that you will be left with a reminder of your ordeal. But there are 4 things that you can do to help to minimize the scar so that in time you will be able to overlook it.

1 - Gently clean and dry the wound regularly and thoroughly.

Gently is the key word here. You don't want to go irritating the scar tissue that is trying to form. Change dressings regularly as well. The cleaner the environment that the tissue has to heal, the cleaner the scar will be.

2 - Protect and support the wound (1)

At least until the wound has healed over make sure that there is a layer of soft padding between you and your clothing. this will not only protect the scab, but it will also protect your clothing from the inevitable seepage that come from the wound in the first week or so. Sanitary pads are actually the perfect tool to use for this as you can attach the sticky side to your underwear and not have to worry about any of your wound padding falling out during the day.

3 - Protect and support the wound (2)

Wear sensible knickers. Most bikini cut undies will cut you in half right on the scar line which will not only cause you a whole heap of pain but will also aggravate your scar. So wear 'granny undies' - yes those ones that come up under your armpits! Or borrow a pair of hubby's boxer shorts or - and these are my personal favorite - buy about 6 pairs of disposable surgical undies. They may seem like a gross idea, but I can tell you from experience, ain't nothing like them for comfort and support when you have an 8 inch wound and a new baby that you are trying to cope with!

4 - Keep an eye on it.

At the first sign of any burning pain, heat, redness, change in size of the scar itself or a puss-like discharge then you will need to seek medical advice. Any infection is incredibly dangerous and will not only hamper your recovery, sometimes by weeks, but it can also create more scar tissue around the wound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    as anyone had a scan done at 5-6weeks pregnant and if so what did you see?
    iv already asked a question similar to this but im still concerened i went for a scan and they told me i was 5weeks nearly 6weeks they said it looked ok but gotta go back in 2 weeks for another scan the sac was empty at the time and it wasnt a very good picture as it was underneath my scar tissue from a c section 2years ago as anyone alse had a empty sac at this stage or is this normal could i have a blighten ovum ?

    • ANSWER:
      hi i had the same thing happen with my second pregnancy i had a slight bleed and was taken in for a scan i was 5 weeks pregnant they couldn't see any thing but a sac and i was told to come back in two weeks for a rescan it was the worst two weeks i had a lot more spotting and had to rest but when i went back there was a little heartbeat i went on to have a completely normal pregnancy after that she was two weeks overdue and weighed 8lb 11 oz and shes now 5 and healthy so try not to worry i know its hard not to but good luck for your next scan xx

    solid complex ovarian cyst and scared?
    Im 42, 2 c-sections, the last c-section they removed my uterus due to placenta accreta but left my ovaries. Last 3 months when I ovulate I began having very bad pains in my right side. Went in for an ultrasound 3 weeks ago and an hour after the test was called saying Dr wanted to see me first thing in morning. My gyno then told me I had a 4cmx4cm solid cyst in my right ovary and it had to come out. It also could be cancer and she sent me right away for a ca-125 test. That came back a 3 which if you have been through this you know it really means nothing. The radiologist report which came in AFTER gyno told me this, said solid complex cyst and suggested waiting 6-8 weeks to repeat US. I then see a gyn/oncologist in Boston who initially tells me I can wait or have the surgery to see what it is. After he got the US pictures 2 days later he called me and said he strongly suggests surgery and that he would try to remove just the cyst if possible. I was going to have a 2nd opinion but feel that I will just be more confused after that and will stress harder. I cant find any reviews on this Dr because I think he only recently started working at Tufts coming from Colorado. He has been very nice and even called me yesterday to ask if I had any questions or had decided which way to proceed. I have scheduled the surgery for 2 weeks. He wants to see me Monday to sign consent forms and to also be able to sit down and ask any questions. Im also very nervous that if I have a lot of scar tissue that he wont get it laproscopically and will have to cut me vertically, ruining the body I have worked so hard on getting to look good. If its cancer, of course I wouldnt care where they have to cut but Im afraid he will do this and perhaps its nothing or maybe he isnt the best gyn/oncologist to perform this. Im so scared and confused. Anyone else go in for laporoscopy surgery and had scar tissue that caused the vertical cut?

    • ANSWER:
      I've had ovarian cancer. You definitely need the surgery to be done by a gyn-onc, so that's good that you have one. Gyn-oncs are very surgically skilled. I've had 4 surgeries with them, always with the same scar, and in surgeries 2, 3, and 4, I had tons of internal scar tissue, which they always clean up for me. If it appears you have cancer, they'd definitely turn it into a laparotomy, because they need to visualize the whole area and do "staging" surgery to make sure it hasn't spread. Even if they thought it MIGHT be cancer they'll usually do a laparotomy. So if they do it and it's "nothing" then they STILL did the right thing in doing the laparotomy, and it was NOT for nothing--they did it to give you the valuable information that your problem is localized. So I think you should resign yourself to that possibility as being the best for your welfare. You'll get your body back, it won't be ruined. Perhaps you can even ask for a tummy tuck after the surgery. The CA-125 of 3 is a good sign. I wouldn't say it means NOTHING. Typically even with a benign tumor, you'd expect a higher CA-125 than that. It's not definitive or diagnostic, but it is encouraging.

    Botched episiotomy. what treatment is there?
    its been over 2 years since my daughter was born. And am still having problems with my episiotomy.

    I didnt ask for one and my mom who happens to be a nurse was watching and really didnt think I needed one but my ob was so scissor happy he did it before anyone had a chance to object.

    i followed the aftercare precisely. but it wasnt healing. when i was inspecting the area i noticed there were gaps (little holes) where the skin tissue didnt come together.

    so, i received 5 silver nitrate applications (where they literally burn your vagina to promote healing) over the course of 2 months. No cigar. SO they ended up recutting and resewing. The second time around it was a success and the tissue came together.

    BUT they had to cut more tissue out to re-do the episiotomy. Now I am tighter than I ever had been and the area between my ass and vagina is seriously all scar tissue.

    It burns when I have sex. It hurts to put a tampon in, and it hurts every time i take a shit. Sorry for the vile picture but Im seriously upset. I started going to a new ob and was just told that there isnt much I can do.

    Anyone else go through this??? What things helped you? Do you think perineal massage may help? Also, do you think I will have to get a c-section next time around? Because if they cut me again I am f***ed.

    Im just feeling so alone, my husband is mad at me cause i always look like im in agony when we do it, and all the doc i have seen are so cold... i just am lookin for some motherly advice.

    • ANSWER:
      I am so sorry that it happened to you, but I think your best bet would be to go see a plastic surgeon. There is a vaginal reconstruction that they can do which would remove the scar tissue and make it more comfortable to have sex. I would talk to your doctor about having a c-section with this child due to your problems though, because you will not be able to fix your current problem until after you give birth. (They will have to put you under and it is a recovery process). Good luck.

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