C Section Scar Pain During Pregnancy

Section Scars: A Guide to C-Section Scars

Undergoing the C-Section during Pregnancy

C-section or cesarean sect 00004000 ion is defined as a surgical procedure of giving birth. This is opposed to normal delivery or vaginal delivery. In a cesarean section, an incision is made through the mother's abdomen and uterus to deliver the baby.

Why a C-section Is Needed

Cesarean section is usually done for the following reasons:

The procedure is done when there is a very high risk for the mother or for the baby or both if normal delivery is to be performed. One reason for this is when the baby is thought to be too big to fit or pass through the mother's vaginal opening, thereby imperiling the life of either the baby or the mother.

To terminate a risky pregnancy. This is done when continuing with the pregnancy will bring in a lot of harm to both the mother and her baby. Most commonly, the reason for doing this is when there are expected problems that may be encountered during a normal delivery.

When the baby has been monitored to have some form of debilitating disease or disorder that may have resulted during the pregnancy period. As such, a cesarean operation is done to prevent giving birth to a child who may have some deformities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Pain in c-section scar during second pregnancy?
    Well, im now 28 weeks with my second and over the past few weeks i have had a few sharp pains in my c-section scar. It is quite painful and can last up to ten minutes or longer before the pain goes away. I am going to my midwife tomorrow so am going to ask her about it but wondered if any other mums who have had c-sections had trouble with pain in the scar during subsequent pregnancies? Do you think its something i should be worried about?
    Sorry should have said i had my c-section 4 and a half years ago, my son will be 5 in feb. I think the pain might be from the baby lying against the scar but i just dont know!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi I am now 36 weeks pregnant with my third and I have had the same problem on several different occasions. My doctor told me it is normal. and can get worse as baby gets bigger and it does, He told me it had a lot to do with the scar tissue. Still talk with your mid-wife but I have not had any major problems other than it being very uncomfortable. Good luck to you!!

    Pains along c-section scar during 2nd pregnancy?
    My first was delivered by c-section 2 years ago and I've just found out I'm pregnant again. I'm only six weeks in and I'm having sharp pains along the scar line. It happens when I sit up quickly and sometimes even when I cough for the past two weeks but never before. I'm wondering if this is common, will they get better or worse as I grow, should I see a doctor earlier than I usually would?

    If anyone has had the same experience with a second pregnancy I'd like to hear their suggestions.


    • ANSWER:
      I have to tell you that it is normal. This is my 3rd pregnancy and will be my 3rd c-section. It still occurs with me and I am 21, almost 22 weeks. I think they call it round ligament pain from your uterus growing. I think we feel it more due to the previous sections. For comfort, please do not be afraid to call your doctor.

    Pain during pregnancy from previous c-section?
    I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child, my first child is now 3 1/2 years old. I just wanted to see how common it is to have pain from previous c-section scars? My doctor tells me that this is the most likely cause for my pains in my lower abdomen. I can feel where the pain is, and there is a line that goes straight across underneath the skin.

    Perhaps someone else has had similar symptoms, and could advise what I can do to releive this discomfort.


    • ANSWER:
      Your tummy is growing and pushing on the scar, it's normal. Unfortunately will probably get alittle worse the bigger you get.
      Good luck.

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