Best Post C-section Exercises

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Best Abs Exercise Routines Revealed

Getting a nice looking mid section is a common goal for people getting fit. To get the best ab exercise routine you need to hit some key points. The following explains those key points that will help you to ensure you are doing everything you need to do to get a flat stomach and great looking abs.

The three things outlined below will show you what you need to do and explain why you need to do these things. Follow these guidelines carefully and you should be able to develop an amazing ab routine.

Burn All Over

You need to take an all over approach to your abs workout. You should make sure that your workout involves burning calories. Burning calories will help you lose weight all over your body.

To burn weight all over you will need to do aerobic activity. Aerobic activity will raise your heart rate and keep it up for a period of time. You should aim to do between 45 and 60 minutes at a time. Do your aerobic activities from three to six days per week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    best stomach exercises post a c- section?
    its been three months since having my beautiful baby boy and i want to get rid of the bulgy stomach i have left behind, help people what exercises will do the trick????

    • ANSWER:
      My first c-section was hard for me to lose the weight for some reason. The second was not so bad. Bear in mind that little area right above your incision may not go totally flat for you.

      That being said, I did A LOT of cardio!! I honestly did "sweating to the oldies" of all things, and it was great! I also rode bike at least 45 minutes a day every day, but an elliptical would do the trick too! I did a lot of crunches...and not just your regular crunches, but different variations of the crunch like a cross-over crunch, a standing one, using the balance ball to do crunches. You should also incorporate some weights into your work-out program. They don't have to be real heavy.....3-5 lbs would be fine....and just lift weights in every way you can think of. Make sure you stretch!! Leg lifts worked well for me, as did in-line skating. If I can think of something else that worked well for me, I will be sure to add it! Hang in there, it may be a long road to the tight tummy, but it is NOT impossible!!

      Good luck!

    What's the best exercises to get rid of post pregnancy flab-because of c-section?
    I asked this on the health and fitness forum and didn't get much help so I figured I would try it here to see if some of you have had this problem and what you did. I had my c-section done 17 months ago and I've been walking and doing crunches but they don't seem to be doing much. Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      PILATES!!!!!! It builds strong, LEAN you don't bulk up like a man. There's a floor maching that folds away easily. It gives you lots of energy too and it's fun!

    What's the best way to get your tummy back post c-section?
    I am 5 weeks post c section and my tummy is jello! What is the best way to tighten your skin and tone your tummy? I know obviously working out, but specifically what exercises, creams, lotions or potions??? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm 6 months PP and still have a little pooch. Pop tarts and Diet Coke worked ofr me! I don't think it's a very healthy way to do it though,lol! Seriously, keep eating right and start working out after your doc ok's it. Don't stress yourself out about it right now, you just had a baby 5 weeks ago!!

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