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Hands Down The Best Ab Exercises

There are a lot of men and women are searching the web hoping to uncover best ab exercises to help them get awesome six pack abdominals. While it's certainly true that you need to construct abs work outs that give you the opportunity to target the different muscles in your abdominals, everybody hopefully knows by now that the only way to get awesome six pack abdominalsis to work off waist flab and focus on lowering your overall fat levels.

Sure it would be nice to go on believing all of the infomercials and ads created to make us think that there is an easy way to make it happen, the truth is that no ab cruncher equipment, fat burner pill or abdominal exercise can take the place of some serious effort! So put all of your fantasies about electro-shock devices and cheesy abs rollers out of your mind. It's time to get to work by putting the effective ab workout exercises listed below to use!

About the author: Hopefully this quick introduction into the best ab exercises will help you achieve your goal of an eye catching set of six pack abs. If you enjoyed these tips and you're serious about building muscle mass and getting washboard abs, you'll love the practical advice found in the Muscle Mass Advantage, check it out today and learn how to gain muscle mass and strip off body fat naturally!


Frequently Asked Questions

    how soon after a c-section can you use an abslide? or any other kind of ab exercise?
    Its been just about 3months since my c-section and i'd like to start getting rid of that babybelly. What would be the best way? I can't go walking because its too cold to take my babies with me. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      12 weeks sounds safe to me, but always check with your doctor and start easy because your internal incision is tight.

      Keep in mind that abslide or any of those contraptions won't remove the layer of fat over the muscles. You need a diet for that.

      Congrats on your baby!

    What is the best way to build abs after having a C-section???
    It's been over a year and I lost most my weight but I still have a tummy, I was told it's hard or even impossible to get your abs back after a cesarian because they cut your muscles in half? Besides the tummy fat I got light stretch marks on my stomach so Im wondering if this is also the problem...looser skin then usual??? I can't tell I guess until I actually start losing some of the fat around my tummy area huh!! Im hoping if I stick withh my ab exercises I will see resullts in 2 weeks and that will motivate me even more knowing I can start flattening out my tummy. thankx for the advice.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it depends on your doctor. I've read that sometimes they just separate the abdominal muscles. I've had 2 c-sections and although I have some bumpy places around the scar, I've been able to get a lot of muscle tone back. I used the suggestions in the book Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year by Elizabeth Noble. It had a whole section on recovering from a c-section.

    do you know the best excercise for the abs?
    I put on a lot of fat around my tummy after my 2 c-sections.Now I am trying to loose them but can't.I used to do yoga before my first pregnancy-but that wont give speedy results now.I will have to do some exercise which wont take too much time(I have a 8 month old and a 3yr old) but will give good results.Please suggest.I saw many commercials regarding ab exercise machines-are they helpful?

    • ANSWER:

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