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These are pics of my stomach 2 weeks after the brusing had started to ...

How to Lose Weight After Having a Cesarean (C-Section) or After Pregnancy

Have you been searching long and hard on how to lose weight after having a C-section or after pregnancy? This may be your last stop and final answer to your problem. I know how you feel because my wife and I have four kids, and she has had four C-sections to prove it.

In this article, I am growing to give you the keys to weight loss success after surgery.
Before you begin your journey of weight loss, contact your primary doctor to let them know you are ready to get fit and lose the baby fat. You need approximately 8 weeks to heal from your C-section incision before starting any exercise regime. This is to make sure no harm is done to your internal organs.

Most women are convinced that after having a baby, there is no way to get that firm stomach they've always wanted, and get the body back they used to have. This is all a myth and I am here to tell you that it is very possible to get in shape and achieve that top model body after giving birth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Stomach problems after C Section pregnancy?
    It seems since I've had my baby (c section) that everytime I eat meat usually but also with some other foods as well I get a really bad upset stomach. Its more in the lower intestines and its the kind of upset stomach where you know your going to have diahrea and I do end up getting diahrea. So bad that it can keep me up all night. What could be causing this?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like your stomach is trying to readjust to life after the c-section. Remember, when you go through a Cesarean, your stomach is cut open and some organs are moved to allow the baby a proper exit route. This can result in digestive and bowel problems. If this continues making you sick, go see a gastroenterologist, you may need medical intervention to bring your body back to normal. I hope you find easy resolution to this. Good luck!

    Has anyone had a problem with their stomach muscles not closing properly after a c-section?

    I had a c-section a year ago now, it's actually my second after the first everything went back no bother this time I still have a huge gap. I do exercise and I'm not over weight under if the truth be told.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh Lord yes, I can really empathise with you. I carried my boy really high until the last month, when he dropped like a stone, taking my stomach muscles with him. There were problems late on and I had a c-section - the thing is, you have to be really careful with stomach exercises, as just doing things like sit ups, especially too early, can open them even further, apparently. All's not lost, though - what I did, was give it a good four months (I'm assuming you're in the UK?), got signed off by my Health Visitor, then our local council (Hailsham, East Sussex) gym does a post-natal course called 'Mums on the Run' - I think this might be a nationwide thing. They have qualified trainers that take you through exercises designed for your situation and they monitor you all the way through, too. It really worked and made a huge difference to my confidence - I'd been devastated that people were congratulating me on being heavily pregnant three months after giving birth! I might be able to root out some of the leaflets on stomach exercises that they gave me - just send me a mail if you think they'd be useful. Good luck!

    will my stomach ever be flat after a c-section and gaining weight?
    I have recently lost alot of weight that I gained during some hormonal problems. I had 2 c-sections, but really want to take this weight off that is on my stomach. I heard that you cant really target areas with certain excercises. What is true?

    • ANSWER:
      Its true, you can target muscle development, but can't target fat loss. Fat loss is decided by your body, i.e. your hips/butt usually are last, on a man the last to go in the tummy.

      I suggest reading Body For Life by Bill Phillips. Simplest and most effective routine on the subject. You basically need to eat well and exercise like a fiend.

      But what your goal is, is TOTALLY achievable.

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