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When Exercise After C Section

If you've just had a baby by cesarean section and feel a little repulsed by your new scarred, wobbly belly and desperately want to start doing something about it, then read on to find out exactly how you can.Grab A Copy Click here
Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about SAFE and effective exercise after c section.
Reading this short report could well mean the difference between being proud of the way you look or having hang ups about your body until you are old enough to no longer care.
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This pressure is the main reason why the stars get back in to shape so quickly. They are motivated to do the simple things. It isn't their personal trainer, nanny or cook that gets them the results they want, it comes from themselves, they NEED to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best exercises to do for your stomach after a c-section?
    My c-section was 5 months ago.

    • ANSWER:
      Pilates worked for both me and my sister.

    Is it true that exercising will not help your stomach after c-section?
    I've lost about 50 pounds since having my last child 6 years ago, which was a c-section. With the weight loss I have tons of sagging on my stomach. I've heard that after a c-section the only way to tone your abs back up is a tummy tuck, because they cut the muscles. Is this true? Am I just wasting my time with ab exercizes?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a c-section and after doing exercises for a few years I was able to get it mainly back to normal. However, there is still a pouch that still remains and that is the same answer that I have recieved from my doctor. I have seen others that have been in the same predicament and with it really sagging they did indeed have to go in and get a tummy tuck to be able to do anything. If you have really been working out that long and everything else is looking good and there has been no change with the sagging then it may be time for surgical intervention. Only if it really bothers you. If your exercising has only been mediocre work on an overall workout for a while. It does not make it impossible to have your other stomache muscles make it look better anyways. But I definately understand your concern.

    how 2 get a flat stomach back after a c section through exercise ..........plse mention the exercise ?
    wat & how 2 perform it ,better if any video available or free site 2 such exercises ..quick ans plse

    • ANSWER:
      sit ups are the best for a flat stomach & also breast feeding is good, but before you start to exercise then i would consult Your doctor or health visitor.

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